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In 2011, after we showed Huang Qian Liang 10 pots and out of that 6 pots he guessed the Niandes awfully wrong; we sold him 3 pots before we told him we have archaeological material and records pertaining to all our pots(.(Zisha and Santoh).
We showed Huang Qian Liang 10 pots to hear his professional opinion.

We sold him 3 pots to see how he values our pots.
And finally, we surprised Huang Qian Liang with our archaeological material and information to see his reaction.
This was our clever strategy to break open and see what’s inside the mind of this very well-known scholar and know what sort of a person he is.
The first part of the strategy was to find out if he really is a scholar and knows his subject.. namely  old Zisha hu.
We showed him 10 old Zisha hus of which 6 pots he guessed the Niandes very incorrectly( his  mistakes stretches, sometimes, to as many as 5 Niandes off the mark).To make matter worst and embarrassing but unknown to him that we know the exact dating of the pot, Huang Qian Liang added that he can issue Certificate of Authenticity for a fee of RMB2,000( like the going rate on mainland China at that time, 2011)
Result of finding: We found out that Huang Qian Liang is not a real scholar in the true sense of the word and we discovered he is willing to sacrifice truth by pretending to really know old Zisha hu and profiteer through deception.
The second part of the strategy was to find out whether Huang Qian Liang knows the value of our pots.
We sold him 3 rare early Qing Zhuni hus. An impatient, hen-pecked Huang Qian Liang  was joined by his excited, domineering wife and together they lectured us about our 3 rare early Qing Zhuni hus. This was what they said: Your 3 pots are very common and cheap in mainland China. Very few people like to collect early Qing Zhuni hus, especially unearthed pots and their prices are dropping every day in China. Put it another way, what Huang Qian liang implied was that Ren Fu Collections was very lucky that somebody like him wanted to buy our pots.
But their claims was belied by their excitement, impatience and eagerness to buy our pots because if our pots are so common, so plentiful and so cheap in mainland China why are they so desperate and anxious to get hold of our pots which we know are rare early Qing Zhuni hus and very valuable.
Result of finding: We found out that Huang Qian Liang  is more of a cunning ,lying, opportunistic businessman, and nothing of a scholar, who would distort facts to get what he wants. We noticed that Huang Qian Liang and his wife (whatever her name?) extremely values our 3 rare early Qing Zhuni hus but claimed the opposite to devalue our 3 pots…a cheap reverse psychology.
The third and last part of the strategy was to find out the integrity of Huang Qian Liang who called himself a true scholar.
We surprised Huang Qian Liang by showing him rare archaeological pictures of tombstone epitaphs and (In the ground) Pre-Disturbance Phase pictures of excavated pots..or archaeological proofs if you like. Shockingly and strangely for a scholar like Huang Qian Liang who previously lamented the lack of valuable archaeological excavations as one of the main cause of the chaos in old Zisha hu, he was not , even in the least bit interested in archaeological material or proofs.
Now what Huang Qian Liang said to us concerning the archaeological proofs we showed him-this is what is going to shock you. This was what he said, “I am not interested in archaeological excavations or proofs but do you have more early Qing Zhuni hus to sell?”(Well, he did later say he will ask Palace Museum of Taiwan if they are interested)
Result of finding: We found out that Huang Qian Liang , the well known scholar and a member of the panel of experts in Palace Museum, is a very corrupted person who would not hesitate to sacrifice truth in exchange for profit and fame( This sad situation of Huang Qian Liang is the legacy, some say scourge and curse from the Taiwanese fraudsters’ world)
Something else too we would like to address about what people criticize Huang Qian Liang about is true and that is Huang Qian Liang plagiarizes a lot of material written by other old Zisha hu experts and make them his own …and almost none of his hypothesis on old Zisha hu is based on archaeological excavations or proofs.
A very sad and sorrowful old Zisha hu world ,indeed, to get such a scholar who should be saving and protecting old Zisha hu but instead he exploits old Zisha hu’s  weakness for his own monetary gains.
Enjoy Ren Fu Collections’ historical “One Belt, One Road” archaeological posting.
P/s…When Tony Ren returned to Malaysia, where he is based, Huang Qian Liang on realizing his mistakes and unprofessional behavior and on gaining his composure, wrote an e-mail to us in a very responsible and respectable manner proposing the possibility that he will take up the matter with the relevant museum.
Just before we clicked off, do you all know Huang Qian Liang once pleaded with us not to attack him in an e-mail?( We still have that e-mail for proof)
Appended are proofs of e-mails Huang Qian Liang sent to us after we returned to Malaysia.

我们卖给他3把罕见的早清朱泥壶。一个着急的不耐烦的太太,霸气要管事的太太和他们一起和我交流着这3把罕见的清初朱泥壶。这是他们这样说:你在中国大陆的这些壶是很普通的,很便宜,很少有人喜欢收集清初朱泥壶 ,尤其是出土的紫砂壶和他们的价格在中国大陆掉下来了。换句话说,黄健亮暗示任富收藏很幸运,有他这样的人想买我们的壶。
P/S: 当Tony Ren回到马来西亚的时候,我们感觉黄健亮意识到自己的错误和不专业的行为,并逐渐镇定下来。收到了黄健亮的一个电子邮件:“他会和台北博物馆引进我们考古的事情,看他们是否感兴趣这些考古资料吗?”
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